Our e-commerce website development product range

As an e-commerce website development company, Comalytics offers a comprehensive range of SaaS software solutions for all your e-commerce design needs. Our range of customisable products includes:

Business-to-customer (B2C) solution

No matter the size of your business, our B2C solutions offer you secure, stable, responsive and flexible systems to help you sell your products directly to customers via your eCommerce platform.

From simple plug-and-play options to fully supported solutions, our B2C offering helps you build a more dynamic business across all e-commerce platforms. For more information, please visit our B2C solutions page.

To learn more about how we can tailor our B2C products for your business, contact our team.

Business-to-business (B2B) solution

Business customers know what they want. And they want it yesterday.

When you add a B2B e-commerce portal to your sales channels, you will stay one step ahead of your competitors. In addition, you will delight your sales representatives and your customers by providing them 24/7 service, inventory levels in real
time, detailed products and delivery information and personal account and pricing details. The only thing they need to access your e-commerce store is an internet connection – why would they go elsewhere?

Integrating your website with your ERP system will keep your data accurate in one place and your B2B e-commerce store easier to maintain. Linking your e-commerce website to your ERP system will give you instant access to detailed sales statistics
for each of your clients, data on order totals, revenue, profit percentages and more, thereby assisting you to make data-driven decisions for your business.

Our B2B e-commerce solutions are elegant and effective systems that empower both your customers and your team, providing huge value for money.

Find out more about the benefits of B2B for your business here. Schedule a free consultation to discuss how our B2B solutions
can empower your business.

Supplier order management (SOM) solution

Whether you’re a franchise, buying group or corporate with multiple outlets, our Supplier Order Management (SOM) solution helps you monitor and manage your entire procurement chain.

Besides helping you monitor and manage orders to suppliers across your outlet network, our SOM solution gives you an overview of activity across your entire procurement system in real time, including specific pricing and live stock levels.

Find out more about SOM here or contact us for a free consultation to explore how this can manage your procurement

E-commerce store integrations

You can choose to integrate any of our solutions with your ERP system, making it powerful, accurate and happening in real time.

Find out more about our ERP and other integrations for your e-commerce platforms here. Alternatively, get in touch with us.

Customer comment

Our website now has better functionality and a fresh look, as well as enhanced SEO capabilities on the new platform. Our new B2C software is also much easier to understand and navigate, and if I do struggle with something and need support, the staff is always very friendly, efficient and quick to assist.

– Piet from Healthy Splash

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