Product Ribbons Plug-in

This plug in allows you to add ribbons with text and images to the various products in your store. Now you can easily highlight and effectively promote your products with a variety of eye-catching and stylish product ribbons.

  1. You can attach ribbons to selected products or to products based on condition.

  2. You can explicitly include or exclude products from a condition.

  3. You can set a start/end date for the product ribbon to appear.

  4. You can attach more than one ribbon to a single product and set a priority for the ribbons.

  5. You can add images of your own to the image set.

  6. You can choose among the available product tokens and add CSS to a ribbon to modify the image, text and container styles.

We will assist you in the set-up and integration of this plug-in. This plug-in has detailed documentation to assist you in using it.

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