Integrate your e-commerce website with Yotpo. This software helps you to leverage customer reviews and customer generated photos on your website and social media channels.. It’s a proven fact that online reviews:

  • Drive traffic to your site

  • Build trust and confidence in your brand

  • Boost conversions

  • Improve retention rates

Adding online reviews definitely increases your bottom line as can be seen in these examples:

Industry Favorite Yotpo feature After installing Yotpo
Luxury footwear and accessories Mail after purchase Engagement with user-generated content: 83%
Children’s toys Social curation Conversion rate increase: 15%
Skincare Social curation Checkout rate increase:24%
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What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is content marketing software that Comalytics can integrate to your e-commerce website. It makes collecting and leveraging verified reviews and photos easy by:

  1. Integrating with your B2B or B2C site, whatever plan you’re on

  2. Importing any existing reviews so none are wasted/p>

  3. Allowing customers to review directly from their mailbox, increasing their response rate/p>

  4. Automatically displaying reviews directly on your website

  5. Increase ROI on Google by 17% through showing your best reviews next to your Google search results, product listing ads and AdWords campaigns

  6. Increase your traffic from Facebook and Twitter by 23% through sharing your best reviews on Facebook and Twitter, attracting qualified traffic

  7. Allowing you to effortlessly transform reviews into targeted Facebook ads

  8. Streamlining the process by scheduling reviews on social media

Note: Yotpo costs: You can get started with Yotpo for Free or choose an appropriate plan for your business Comalytics costs: a basic Yotpo integration is free for all packages. Get a free consultation for more advanced options

What else can Yotpo do for you?

Apart from reviews, Yotpo offers many other features, including:

  1. Gathering, managing and interpreting survey results

  2. Effectively up-selling from post-purchase emails

  3. Social curation – using a hashtag or username to search for and automatically request approval to use photos from customers or influencers

  4. Linking the relevant photos to specific products and displaying the photos in a carousel on product pages

  5. Customising onsite widgets that show the best photos first

  6. Using photos to create a shoppable gallery that takes customers directly to product pages

  7. Turning customer photos into social media posts and paid ads, where they win hands-down over normal ads

  8. Creating forums where you or other customers can answer customer questions, generating excellent engagement

How does Yotpo improve your SEO results?

Yotpo attracts high quality, qualified traffic from both paid and organic search results, converting visitors into customers. Your products stand out on Google and other platforms as Yotpo displays:

  • Star ratings next to your AdWords campaigns

  • Star ratings and reviews next to product ads

  • Rich snippets including star ratings and number of reviews on organic search results

The keywords in your reviews are also crawled and indexed by Google, boosting your search results further.

How do I get Yotpo?

The process is simple:

  1. First you contact us so we can refer you to Yotpo, instantly giving you a 15% discount off the standard price

  2. Then you get in touch with Yotpo directly to sign up with them.

  3. Once you’re registered, we will carry out the integration on your site. The basic features can be added to any package, and we offer a free consultation on the more advanced features.

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