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E-commerce store delivery

Every e-commerce store faces the challenge of consistently maintaining fast and cost-effective delivery.

If you were under the impression that next-day delivery is only possible in the UK and US, we have good news for you. We can now do the same in South Africa. How? By building this service into your e-commerce business, free of charge in all our solution packages.

Our e-commerce store delivery solution

We have developed full integration into SmartFreight’s service. SmartFreight has 60+ couriers under one roof, which means our customers have all these couriers at their fingertips to really drive their delivery service to the next level.

The result?  A choice of multiple couriers to choose from at checkout, streamlined label and waybill printing, parcel tracking (where available) and thereafter efficient delivery.

Comalytics courier integration takes the hassle out of your delivery whichever shipping strategy you choose to follow: free shipping, flat rate shipping, free shipping over x amount or exact costs from real-time courier rates.

How does the delivery integration work?

The process is simple. Here are the steps:

  • As our customer, you sign up directly with SmartFreight and decide how many couriers you want to make a deal with. We recommend starting with two or three.
  • SmartFreight will then load your rates into their software.
  • When a customer checks out on your eCommerce store, the system will get a real-time quote from your couriers.
  • Your customer can choose from the costs and delivery times quoted by the couriers.
  • After your customer pays, delivery is automatically booked with the courier your customer selected.
  • The courier¬†sends an email to your customer to confirm that the delivery is booked and also provides the relavant tracking information.
  • You can log into SmartFreight and print a label with all the necessary information already on it (the waybill, etc.) and stick it on your parcel.
  • The courier will collect the parcel and deliver it to your customer as scheduled.
  • A pre-requisite for this service to work is that all your products must be populated with the delivery dimensions on your online store (height, width, length and weight).
  • Please note that SmartFreight facilitates the process and the contract for delivery is solely between you and the couriers.

What if you want to switch to another courier company with better pricing?

We understand that our customers may want to switch to another courier company offering better pricing from time to time. This is no problem, you can switch to other couriers within the system. All you need to do is sign up with your new chosen courier, work with SmartFreight to load your prices and switch the unwanted couriers off. This is much easier than going through the pain of changing plugins and integrations to individual couriers.

This integration is a keystone for e-commerce stores that ship over 30 packages a month.

We invite you to leverage our integration feature to save costs, keep customers happy and reduce stress for all parties involved. For more information about how this can benefit your business, talk to us today.

What delivery challenges do you face in your e-commerce business? Talk to us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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