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Comalytics is honoured to be a long-term partner of DEMCifilter, an enterprising entrepreneur, who not only invented a unique and easy solution to resolve the issue of dust build-up inside computers, but has also established a global market for his product range by using our B2C e-commerce business software.

Today, we are pleased to share the inspiring success story of DEMCifilter.

DEMCifilter – the background

DEMCifilter was born out of the necessity to find an easy solution to the widespread problem of dust build-up inside computers and also other electronic equipment. After starting out in his garage, our client has a global market today. His business proves that South African borders need not be a limit.

How DEMCifilter was born

To quote our client:

“I was working in Namibia on a telecom contract and my daughter was in Cape Town. I bought her a desktop computer as a gift, but less than a year later, she said that she had a problem with the computer. It would restart by itself without warning, frequently resulting in the loss of unsaved work.

I suspected that it was dust buildup on the heatsink of the CPU which caused a shutdown due to over-heating. My daughter was too young to open the case and blow the dust out. Moreover, I knew that if the PC was sent in for professional repairs, she could expect a nice fat invoice, with a list of every other reason excluding the real problem.

That got me thinking: How could I make her something that would solve this problem, something that would be so easy to use that even her grandma could do it?

So I thought about it for a while and one Friday night over a beer and a fire, the solution struck me!

Use fine gauze and attach it over the intake vents by magnet that would stick to the outside of the case.

Demcifilter e-commerce business software case study

As far as I knew, there was nothing like that on the market.

Long story short, I decided to pursue this in more depth as my contract came to a close. It took me about 18 months and plenty of money to get the right materials and design just right.”

Our client started off selling two sizes and contacted a number of businesses selling filters online. These people claimed that their filters performed a similar function. After some initial emails, he sent them his samples. This generated an immediate interest and he started receiving orders.

Initially, the orders were small, but as demand grew, the product became popular, with an increase in order sizes.

Over a period of nine years, DEMCifilter has grown exponentially, and today, has over 600 sizes of their product.

demcifilter products sold using e-commerce business software

As our client explains:

“It started with me doing everything from manufacturing, packaging and shipping during the day and handling correspondence at night. My manufacturing base was my garage at home.

At the time DEMCifilter had a static website where visitors could only see information on the filters and their order details. Sales were largely driven by our distributors worldwide. Today I have 8 permanent employees and a factory and offices of 500sqm.

In May 2013 we got an e-commerce website with Comalytics and have grown from doing single orders every couple of days to multiple orders daily. Since starting with Comalytics we have not had one single day (seven days a week) without an order!”

E-commerce business software change over

Our client started with our old e-commerce software in 2013, and subsequently moved over to our new B2C e-commerce business software, without interrupting his business.

Here’s what he has to say about this:

“The migration to the new e-commerce platform from the previous platform was implemented by the Comalytics team, hassle free. Their team first created a beta site so we could see if everything was in place and working well. After some minor adjustments, we switched over to the new platform within a couple of hours and I must say that the transition was seamless.

The new back-end was easy to learn and we found that Comalytics has been very responsive when we were not sure how something needed to be done. Special thanks to Berend! I must also add that the new platform has very nice features that is saving us plenty of time when processing orders. We are also in the process of writing an in-house system, and it seems to be integrating seamlessly with our new e-commerce shop.

I thank the team at Comalytics for understanding our needs and for all the help and assistance in making our online shop a success!”

Our B2C software can accommodate exchange rate needs and international buying/selling and this is an advantage since our client has a global customer base.

We have designed our business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) solutions to offer our clients a full spectrum of e-commerce features. Our range of e-commerce software solutions come with a suite of comprehensive integration options, integrating with ERP, payment gateways, marketing platforms and delivery services. In short, every process that our clients need to deliver their products or services to their own customers; is in place through our state-of-the-art SaaS solutions, ensuring error-free transactions and timely deliveries.

Do explore our full e-commerce business software product range. Each one of these can be tailored based on your e-commerce needs and specifications.

What are your tips for growing your e-commerce business to include new geographical markets? Share with us in the comments!

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