B2B e-commerce: a solution for non-EDI customers It’s time to move your B2B sales process online and you have some decisions to make. While some of your larger customers may already be using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), most of your smaller ones can’t afford it. Added to this, your reps are spending way Read More
E-commerce payment gateways – what works best? When you’re setting up your e-commerce store, selecting the right payment gateway is critical. It impacts how much it costs you to do business, as well as how customers feel about buying from your online store. If it works well and instils trust, that in turn Read More
Outsource or keep it in-house? Outsourcing certain tasks and processes is a good choice for many businesses. Handing over to experts in specific areas can save you money and reduce the possibility of mistakes caused by ignorance or less-than-optimal infrastructure. It also frees up other limited resources like time and energy, Read More