Key factors in developing an e-commerce retention strategy So your business is up and running and you have some customers coming through your (virtual) doors. If you’re following best practice, you also have a marketing plan in place that includes running promotions at every opportunity, for example, around Easter, Mother’s Day, Back-to-School, Black Friday Read More
Why your e-commerce business needs live chat All successful businesses are built on customer loyalty. That loyalty is earned over time by providing excellent products plus a great customer experience throughout the sales process. When your B2B or B2C business is online, introducing e-commerce live chat takes customer service and engagement to a Read More
B2B e-commerce: a solution for non-EDI customers It’s time to move your B2B sales process online and you have some decisions to make. While some of your larger customers may already be using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), most of your smaller ones can’t afford it. Added to this, your reps are spending way Read More