E-commerce web design – 8 basic, ‘must have’ components It’s a big wide world online, and the competition for customers is massive and still growing. Add to that modern society’s preference for instant gratification and you’re faced with a challenge. If you don’t grab your visitors’ attention the moment they land on your site, they’ll Read More
Contest ideas to attract traffic to your e-commerce site A great way to draw traffic to your site is to create an exciting incentive for people to visit it. Sweepstakes, competitions, and lotteries are all popular contest ideas that draw people in and help grow your business. In the process, they raise brand awareness and Read More
E-commerce re-design. Is your site due an overhaul? It is best practice to re-design your e-commerce site often. This does not mean big changes every time, but rather incremental changes based on the continuing investigation into what your customers want and how they behave. Every now and then however, you may reach a crossroads Read More