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E-commerce re-design. Is your site due an overhaul?

It is best practice to re-design your e-commerce site often. This does not mean big changes every time, but rather incremental changes based on the co ....

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Brand style guide explains the use of your logo and colours

Your business needs a brand style guide – here’s how to create one

Your brand is who you are and what you represent as a company. It is the promise you make to your customers and the values you stand for. A brand style guide captures your brand and makes it understandable and repli ...

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Customer segmentation results in groups of customers that look or act similarly

Market segmentation – a quick guide

Knowing your customer is one of the cornerstones of any business. This post is for you if you want a basic understanding of how to do market segmentation and, taking that one step further, create customer personas f ...

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Customer journey map

A customer journey map – why and how?

Think back to times when you’ve been a customer yourself. Isn’t it true that how you felt after your interaction with the company was equally as important as the goods you bought from them? A customer journey ma ...

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Website goals can be used as a compass for your web design project

Aligning website goals, business and digital marketing goals

Goals are powerful. They focus the brain on a specific outcome or destination, driving it to find solutions to get there. Not surprisingly, it is essential to have goals for your business. This post is for you if yo ...

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6 key questions to grow your e-commerce business

Over the coming months, we are planning to share with you a blog series on growing your e-commerce business.  This post is an introduction to a growth framework we will use throughout this series.  All the upcomin ...

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Launching an ecommerce website

12 essential elements to check before launching an e-commerce website

An e-commerce website launch can be intimidating.  In this post we ask the question on your behalf: "Is my e-commerce website fully ready and set up for growth?" Be sure to check out our earlier post where we in ...

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Starting blocks for tracking and optimising e-commerce

If you have not yet installed e-commerce tracking software or analytics on your website, or if you are clueless about what analytics mean for your website and business - then this blog post is for you. While the foc ...

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Customer spotlight: Money from dust

Comalytics is honoured to be a long-term partner of DEMCifilter, an enterprising entrepreneur, who not only invented a unique and easy solution to resolve the issue of dust build-up inside computers, but has also es ...

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