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E-commerce re-design. Is your site due an overhaul?

It is best practice to re-design your e-commerce site often. This does not mean big changes every time, but rather incremental changes based on the co ....

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A cartoon illustration of a business man using his keyboard to hit is computer screen implying that he is frustrated

Sales team resistance to B2B e-commerce: How to overcome it

As a business owner planning to take your B2B company online, you may be concerned about possible resistance from your sales team. And you’d be right to be. Implementing e-commerce requires a considerable investme ...

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How to write quality product descriptions to grow your online sales

Displaying enticing product pictures on your e-commerce site is a great start. To boost your sales to a whole new level though, you also need well-crafted product descriptions that make your visitors yearn to own th ...

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man playing chess from his opponent views. The oponent has all his chess peices knocked over implying that the man in the picture is winning

15 ‘Must Have’ features of a winning B2B e-commerce platform

B2B e-commerce sales are predicted to reach an unprecedented $6.6 trillion worldwide by 2020 (Frost & Sulliva). As a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, your primary concern should be growing your online sales ...

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Image saying "Happy mother's day".

Grow your business with these e-commerce tips for Mother’s Day

While there’s no doubt that mothers deserve appreciation all year round, Mother’s Day is an ideal occasion for loved ones to truly celebrate them. It’s no longer just about chocolates and flowers either. Altho ...

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14 Steps to set up a successful e-commerce plan

Whether you’re launching an e-commerce business from scratch, transitioning from a bricks-and-mortar company or adding e-commerce to your existing business, you’ll need to design a detailed plan for success – ...

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Diagram showing showing how Business to Business to customer work.

Could B2B2C transform your B2B business?

Traditionally, B2B and B2C are two separate entities. For many companies, this still works – and will continue to work - perfectly. The online world is changing though. With all the exposure they receive to ever-d ...

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10 Metrics to measure the health of your e-commerce business

To make sure your e-commerce business doesn’t fail alongside 50% of all start-ups in South Africa, you need to keep a firm grip on the numbers. This applies equally to mid-size businesses and large corporates aimi ...

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Image containing eight easter eggs, all of different bright colours, lying on wooden desk or other wodden object. The word easter is written on the easter eggs.

Five ways to prepare your online business for an eggs-quisite Easter

Holidays are ideal times to attract new customers and invite back old ones, and Easter is no exception. If you want to capitalise on this, now’s the time to start your Easter campaign and prepare your online busin ...

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