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E-commerce store delivery

Solving your delivery headaches

Every e-commerce store faces the challenge of consistently maintaining fast and cost-effective delivery. If you were under the impression that next ....

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Digital marketing banner

9 Point digital marketing framework to attract customers

In a previous blog, we looked at the basics of attracting visitors to your site. In this one, we take that a step further into some potential strategies. We’ll be working within a 9-point digital marketing framewo ...

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Cars speeding through an intersection using as an analogy for attracting visitors

Attracting visitors – focus on ‘free’ or ‘paid for’ traffic?

Launching an amazing website is a great start to your online business, but if you have no traffic coming through it, you’ve wasted your time and money. This post is for you if you want to understand the basics of ...

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E-commerce web design – 8 basic, ‘must have’ components

It’s a big wide world online, and the competition for customer attention is massive and still growing. Add to that modern society’s search for instant gratification and you’re faced with a challenge. If you do ...

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Contest ideas Banner

Contest ideas to attract traffic to your e-commerce site

A great way to draw traffic to your site is to create an exciting incentive for people to visit it. Sweepstakes, competitions, and lotteries are all popular contest ideas that draw people in and help grow your busin ...

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E-commerce re-design. Is your site due an overhaul?

It is best practice to re-design your e-commerce site often. This does not mean big changes every time, but rather incremental changes based on the continuing investigation into what your customers want and how they ...

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Black Friday - chaos or opportunity?

Black Friday – chaos or opportunity?

Until recently, Black Friday was mainly US-based. It’s now become a very real thing in South Africa too, causing massive queues in brick-and-mortar stores and crashed websites due to heavy online traffic. It’s n ...

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Brand style guide explains the use of your logo and colours

Your business needs a brand style guide – here’s how to create one

Your brand is who you are and what you represent as a company. It is the promise you make to your customers and the values you stand for. A brand style guide captures your brand and makes it understandable and repli ...

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Customer segmentation results in groups of customers that look or act similarly

Market segmentation – a quick guide

Knowing your customer is one of the cornerstones of any business. This post is for you if you want a basic understanding of how to do market segmentation and, taking that one step further, create customer personas f ...

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