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E-commerce re-design. Is your site due an overhaul?

It is best practice to re-design your e-commerce site often. This does not mean big changes every time, but rather incremental changes based on the co ....

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B2B online success through adoption and acquisition

With your e-commerce site ready to launch, you might think the next step for B2B online success is ensuring successful adoption. And you’d be right that it’s critical to get your offline customers online as soon ...

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What role does B2B e-commerce play in an omni-channel strategy?

Are you ready to rule the customer experience battlefield? Your business’s survival depends on beating the competition. With omni-channel the way of the future, B2B e-commerce could be just the weapon you need. ...

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How to grow your online business

B2B e-commerce: three layers to growth

"One of the biggest challenges faced by B2B online businesses today is how to consistently grow their orders. Implementing this three-layer approach can increase your sales exponentially," says our CEO, Jannie du To ...

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Turn Finches into Falcons

“One of the most significant benefits of implementing a B2B e-commerce system is that it allows your sales reps to do their real jobs – adding value and growing the business. Getting this right will save you tim ...

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Choosing the right SSL certificate for your e-commerce site is crucial

The internet is an ever-expanding world of opportunity, both for legitimate businesses and for criminals. To ensure you get the best rather than the worst of it, you need to protect your website with an SSL certific ...

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Boost your e-commerce sales with these product bundling strategies

Product bundling is a gold-standard practice for e-commerce businesses today, whether you’re a start-up or a large, established business. It’s a strategy driven by value perception and the demand for shopping co ...

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Get ahead of the curve with e-commerce trends for 2020

Technology moves so fast these days that savvy business owners always need to be looking ahead. If you want your business to thrive, staying on top of e-commerce trends is critical, especially given that changes to ...

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Your checklist of 14 critical e-commerce site elements

You know that e-commerce is the way forward and you’ve spent time thinking through your e-commerce strategy for growth. You’ve even got your site set up – but are you really ready for an upcoming big event suc ...

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An e-commerce SEO checklist to help fix critical elements

Traffic is the lifeblood of any e-commerce business, bringing with it the potential both for immediate sales and for long-term customer relationships. Paid and organic search are two of your most important options t ...

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Black Friday e-commerce checklist featured image

Your Black Friday e-commerce checklist – are you ready?

Question: When is the best time to attract new customers and make some serious e-commerce sales? Answer: The holiday shopping season. This really gets going with a bang on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, a ...

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20 Instagram tips featured image

20 Instagram tips to grow your e-commerce business

Instagram is fast becoming the new social media home for businesses. Catering mostly to the brand-conscious under 35s, it’s an effective way to get your brand and products out there, generating loyal customers and ...

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12 e-commerce product page design tips can grow your sales featured image

These 12 e-commerce product page design tips can grow your sales

Your e-commerce product pages make or break your sales. Although all the pages on your site have a role to play in the buying journey, the product page is the real moment of truth for your business. After all, you ...

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