Our B2C e-commerce software’s features

Comalytics’ business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce solution is built on NopCommerce, the leading ASP.NET open-source e-commerce system. This B2C feature-rich e-commerce platform boasts 1.8 million downloads and counting, with 27 000 websites worldwide. They are experts in designing state-of-the-art functionality that truly sells.

With NopCommerce as our foundation, we offer a comprehensive one-stop B2C e-commerce solution that is tailor-made for you. We:

  • Do the technical work at a minimal setup cost

  • Host and monitor your website

  • Fix problems, if and when they occur, for just a small monthly fee

  • Make sure that your plug-ins actually work

  • Help you integrate into your ERP or any other system of your choice

As part of our B2C e-commerce solution, you’ll also be getting the features below.

A full spectrum of B2C e-commerce features, automatically

At Comalytics, there’s no paying extra for features that should be standard. We also regularly add new features ourselves and you get to take advantage of those too, at no additional cost.

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Customer comment

The comprehensive list of B2C features included in your monthly fee makes your product great value, especially as your competitors charge extra for many of these e-commerce features.

– Richard from Cape Minerals

Great designs that sell

We use industry best practices to design your e-commerce website. So our responsive designs look fantastic and they actually sell products too, no matter what device your customers are using to view them.

Enjoy top search engine rankings

Your e-commerce website is search engine friendly right out of the box, which means that you simply need to load your products to get more traffic.

Intelligent search results

Our intuitive, intelligent and advanced search capability goes well beyond linear matching. It quickly searches all product fields in your e-commerce software, even allowing for aliases or spelling mistakes, sorting the results on the priority of your choice and applying full facet filtering to make it easy to find products at a glance. You get truly relevant, information-rich results that help your sales team and customers find that perfect product in your e-commerce store.

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Other standard features in our B2C e-commerce solutions

  1. 1. Product Features

    You can:

    • Create as many product attributes as you need

    • Compare products side by side

    • Manage back-order and pre-order status per product

    • Create different prices for different groups of customers

    • Hide prices or set up “call for price”

    • Load downloadable products such as music files and e-books

    • Bundle and group products

    • Feature sale, new or other specific products

  2. 2. Checkout

    Make shopping easy and safe with:

    • Anonymous checkout

    • One-page checkout

    • Multilingual and multi currency checkout

    • Configurable measurements, including weights and dimensions

    • Secure browsing and checkout

    • PDF order receipts

  3. 3. Marketing

    Take advantage of these features:

    • Facebook Integration so you can sell products directly from your Facebook page

    • Reward points system

    • Related products functionality

    • Discounts and coupons (fixed amounts or percentages)

    • Gift cards

    • Newsletter subscriptions

    • Affiliate programmes

    • Blog functionality

    • Product reviews and ratings

    • Product comparison websites

    • Price feed functionality into third party websites, like PriceCheck, Bidorbuy and OLX, for price comparison and sales

  4. 4. Payment methods

    Choose from several payment gateway options for your B2C e-commerce store, both local and international:

    • Pay Fast (free and standard) supports instant EFT, as well as all major credit and debit cards and even Bitcoin.

    • PayPal (free and standard)

    • PayU (optional paid service for South Africa)

    • VCS (optional paid service for South Africa)

    • More than 50 international payment gateways possible

  5. 5. Multi Store

    With this feature you can:

    • Run more than one store from a single Comalytics installation

    • Host more than one front-end store on different domains

    • Manage all admin operations across your stores from one administration panel

  6. 6. Multi Vendor and Drop Shipping

    • Sell online without having to stock inventory or ship orders.

  7. 7. Shipping Features

    Make your life easier and your customers happy with:

    • Flexible calculation mechanisms

    • Billing and shipping address options, so they can easily send gifts

    • Shipping cost estimations before the checkout process starts

    • An option for in-store pickup

    • Custom shipping methods, defined by the store

    • A choice of 50+ couriers to handle delivery, via our integration to SmartFreight

  8. 8. Tax Features

    Loads of options include:

    • Prices can be displayed either including or excluding tax

    • Configuration of taxes can be done by country, state or zip/postal code

    • Tax classes can be defined by product, like alcohol, services, goods, etc

    • Individual products can be marked as taxable or tax-exempt

    • Store owners can specify whether shipping is taxable

  9. 9. Other features

    These are many and include:

    • External authentication allows your customers to register and login using services like OpenID, Facebook and Twitter

    • Wishlist offers customers the option to store products for purchase at a later date

    • Compliance with EU cookie law gives customers peace of mind

    • Store owners can configure specific rules and permissions for different categories of users

And much, much more… Why not contact us for a free consultation to discuss how our comprehensive B2C e-commerce solutions can help your business? Get in touch today!

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