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Satisfy your customers’ need to be self-sufficient

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Revolutionise your sales force

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Stay ahead of your competitors

Our B2B e-commerce platform adjusts to your company’s processes and works with your current tools and technology. Invest in your company’s future with an affordable and effective ERP-led platform that comfortably scales from medium- to enterprise-level, with no extra hassle.

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Today’s B2B e-commerce buyers expect more

As the worldwide B2B market expands exponentially, the B2B buyer is changing. To retain your customers and stay ahead of the competition, it’s vital to understand what modern B2B customers expect.

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Provide them with innovative B2B specific features

B2B customers buy not for leisure but as part of their daily job. They need to stay within budget, save their company money, get approval from several stakeholders and deliver quality products on time.

Satisfy their needs using some of our core features:

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Product information

Enhance their online research by providing comprehensive product information, including detailed images, specs and prices

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Search and categorisation

Make finding the right product easy with helpful categorisation and search functionality that makes sense for their industry

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Customer-specific information

Customise to their requirements by displaying personalised product catalogues, customer-specific prices and volume discounts

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Quick ordering and re-ordering

Improve speed and efficiency with tools that support ordering and re-ordering at the click of a button

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Help them check or negotiate prices using quote management and approval processes

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Customer access levels

Streamline workflows with user roles that can be customised to suit their company

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Account information

Give them access to accurate, current information including previous orders, invoices and available credit

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Live inventory data

Eliminate out-of-stock confusion and delays by integrating with your ERP and other existing systems

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Enhance their experience with B2C online shopping features

B2B buyers are purchasing for their company and want to get it done quickly and efficiently. However many of them shop online in their personal lives too and they’ve come to expect certain B2C features. So, although a B2B system is not designed for leisurely, personal shopping, incorporating some user-friendly B2C features makes good business sense:

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Mobile Optimisation

Mobile optimisation and apps that make shopping easy on any device

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A professional online catalogue

Optimised for SEO, to help them quickly find what they need

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Call to Action buttons

Buttons that are clear and effective

Drawing style icon of customer review stars

Online ratings and reviews

that provide social proof

Drawing style icon of money

Shipping and payment options

That suit them

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Several communication channels

Including live chat

Comalytics’ B2B platform works with your existing systems

In this age of convenience and instant gratification, customers expect live information at their fingertips. Fulfil (and exceed) their expectations with ERP-led B2B online shopping software. At Comalytics, we integrate to any of these ERP systems:

To streamline your business processes further, consider integrating your B2B e-commerce website with:

  • Comalytics’ Product Information Management system (PIM)

  • Your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

  • Supplier Order Managment systems (SOM)

  • And more

E-commerce platform diagram

There are so many benefits:

All your data is in one place so it’s easy to manage and share across your network.

Automation of processes means less admin and greater accuracy.

Price or product changes immediately reflect across the system.

Stock management is simple with supplier integration, and orders placed on your website automatically update the inventory.

Customers and employees have access to live stock levels at all times.

Orders are processed quickly so fulfilment happens faster.

Shipping integration means delivery costs and times are always accurate and optimised.

Customer information is available to your whole team and can be updated by them or by customers themselves.

It’s easy to manage customer-specific pricing and payment terms.

All your reporting becomes more useful and accurate, providing greater insight.

Satisfied B2B e-commerce clients

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Reap these benefits with our B2B e-commerce platform

Start selling sooner and with less hassle:

  • Get personal attention from our CEO during your set-up phase.

  • Your project manager takes you live within months.

  • Our approach is flexible and agile, and we fit our software to your business needs.

  • We take care of your site hosting, SSL certificate, maintenance, software upgrades or additions, backups and server maintenance.

  • As we are based in South Africa, you get all this at a very affordable rate.

Customers can do everything they need to through your e-commerce platform:

  • They have access to the system 24/7.

  • Clean and simple navigation guides customers seamlessly through the site, regardless of the device they’re using.

  • When they log in, their specific products and pricing are displayed.

  • They see live stock levels so they always know how much they can order.

  • Placing new or repeat orders is quick and easy.

  • They can follow the process online from order status through to delivery tracking.

  • Online access to their account information makes checking invoices, payments, refunds and order history simple.

  • They get the same quality of service as they are used to from sales reps – and sometimes even better.

  • All this happens with less time investment from your staff and at less cost to you.

Sales make themselves:

  • Browsing customers can easily explore your product catalogue with our clever ‘at a glance’ categorisation.

  • Those who know exactly what they want can quickly find it using the powerful search engine.

  • Detailed product information tells them all they need to know.

  • Facets and filters help them identify the products that most closely match their purchasing criteria.

Drive your AOV higher:

  • Cross- and up-selling options can be set up to encourage more sales.

  • Online reviews show them how satisfied other shoppers are with their purchases, driving sales.

  • Helpful content, including detailed product specifications, manuals, ‘how to’ videos or blogs, supports your customers to make their purchase.

  • Customer-specific and volume discounts are automatically displayed as they order – driving even larger order values.

  • Live chat integration software gives them instant access to online assistance with any queries, so they can quickly make the right decisions.

Open your catalogue to the world:

  • Step away from traditional closed systems and make your catalogue available to the public.

  • Our catalogue can handle 100 000+ SKU’s.

  • It’s beautifully designed and very effective at driving conversions.

  • SEO-optimised products help attract new customers to your website.

  • With your wider audience, online reviews and live chat become even more valuable.

With order-taking being handled by your e-commerce site:

  • Your sales reps can focus their efforts on growing your business.

  • They can mine purchase data for patterns and preferences, and use that to offer customers a new level of service, helping them grow their businesses in turn.

  • They have time to identify customers who are showing signs of dissatisfaction and win them back.

Implementing a B2B e-commerce system drives automation:

  • Integrating with your ERP and other systems streamlines the whole process.

  • Orders are quickly processed and fulfilled – getting products to your customer faster.

  • Less administration is required, reducing the burden on your staff.

  • With reduced manual input, errors are minimised, saving you time and money correcting them.

  • Stock holding becomes more accurate as orders immediately update your inventory via the ERP integration.

Integration benefits your business in multiple ways:

  • With everything housed in one place, all areas of your business have instant access to real-time data.

  • From marketing, sales and customer service through to order fulfilment, logistics and supplier management, both your team and your customer have “one view”.

  • With everyone on the same page, confusion, information silos and duplication of data become a thing of the past.

Security that gives you peace of mind

Our security measures have you covered:

List of security factors that comalytics covers

Site-side SSL reassures customers that their personal information is safe as they browse and buy from you.

Your site is automatically backed up on a daily basis so we can always restore it in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

For extra credibility, we use Comodo for certification. This global SSL provider offers 256-bit encryption, a 30-day money-back guarantee and a trust badge that boosts conversions.

Our servers are continuously monitored, with alerts that get our team involved where needed. We make sure your site is secure and the technology is functioning correctly.

Your url displays as “https:” rather than just “http:”, accompanied by the universally-recognised padlock that tells customers your site is secure.

Your payment gateway is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant, ensuring that your customers’ payment details are encrypted and are never stored on your servers.

Take your B2B e-commerce platform to the next level with B2B2C

The B2B2C model is a combination of the traditional business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) channels. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, it gives you direct access to your end consumers. This allows you to:

Control your own brand

Gather customer data directly

Manage your own communication channels

If this model suits your business, there are two ways to implement it:

Collaborate with long-term B2B partners to sell your own branded products through them – this creates an eco-system from which everyone benefits; or

Open your own branded B2C online shopping channel from which customers can buy your products directly.

B2C2B diagram

To find out more about B2B2C, read about our B2B 123 approach or our B2B2C blog here.

EDI vs B2B e-commerce – which is better?

A B2B e-commerce platform is an excellent alternative or addition to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. Very often, only large companies can afford EDI technology while medium to small companies still have to be served manually. Instead, provide a B2B online solution that makes them all self-sufficient, and also frees up time and money spent on taking their orders.

E-commerce and EDI differ in the following ways:


Accepted format of business documents like invoices, purchase orders, etc, is limited

Mobile e-commerce not supported

Works best for large, recurring orders of known products

Product details are pre-defined

Facilitates automation of orders based on inventory levels

No product information included

Mostly used for transactions

Requires infrastructure at the premises of all parties

Serves existing customers and suppliers

B2B e-commerce

Much more flexibility in the way documents can be loaded

Mobile responsive

Supports re-ordering as well as browsing for and buying new products from the online catalogue

Allows for customer-specific pricing and discount rules

Can also automate orders from suppliers, as well as cross-sell and up-sell to customers

Allows for detailed product information, as well as other support material e.g. videos, blogs, etc

Supports transactions but is self-service and also gives the customer access to all their information e.g. account details, customer-specific terms, purchase history, etc

Based in the cloud so all parties only need an internet connection and browser

Serves existing customers and suppliers, and the open online catalogue also attracts potential new customers

B2B e-commerce benefits both your business and your customers – without the technology and employee involvement that EDI adds.

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