B2B e-commerce software with outstanding integration features

At Comalytics, we are especially proud of our B2B e-commerce software. Here are some of our software’s outstanding features:

Complete integration that grows with your e-commerce software needs

We can’t say enough about this. Integration to your ERP (or any other system of your choice) is our specialty, and with all your information housed in one place and in real time, it makes your site your most valuable and effective tool. Although many have tried, few have got ERP integration right.

Cost effectiveness

There are many competitors out there, so why should you go with us? Quite simply we offer you more bang for your buck, and with several options to choose from, too. Start small with a standard SaaS software package or go big up front with our enterprise option, which allows for as many bells and whistles as you please. Not to mention that our personalised service and long-term relationship approach also save you money in the long run.

Rapid application development

Because our B2B system runs on our own flexible, cloud-based software, we can respond very quickly to development requests. Let us enhance your site and improve your customers’ user experience by customising exactly what your business needs in e-commerce design.

Other features of our e-commerce software:

  • Customers can order any time of the day or night

  • Categories are displayed at a glance, making navigation and search much easier

  • Customer logs into their specific and secure details and can view:

    • Their specific order history

    • Their specific pricing details or discount levels

    • Live inventory levels,

  • Product detail is a key factor in positive purchasing behaviour – the system provides detailed descriptions, images, spec sheets and more

  • Customers are able to add reviews

  • Customers are able to see related products

  • A mobile app makes on the go purchases very easy

  • Analytics can be added to understand your client base and their purchasing behaviour better

To truly understand the power of our B2B system, request to view a live demonstration of our B2B e-commerce software and SaaS solutions.

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