As the B2B market expands worldwide, the B2B buyer is changing. The question is: how will you not only retain your customers but also stay ahead of the competition?

Our innovative B2B e-commerce software is simple to implement and the benefits are enormous. It helps you:

  • Increase efficiencies in your sales, ordering, fulfilment and inventory channels;

  • Reduce admin and manual errors;

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention;

  • Focus your sales team’s efforts where it matters; and

  • Grow your customer base as you enter new markets.

To maximise the advantages of your B2B e-commerce system, consider integrating your website with your ERP, as well as with your supplier and customer systems. This keeps all your data in one place, increasing accuracy and making it much easier to maintain your B2B e-commerce store.

Gain these benefits with our B2B e-commerce software

Get to market faster and with no hidden costs

Start selling sooner. Our CEO gives you personal attention in the set-up phase and your project manager takes you live within months. Our approach is flexible and agile, and we fit our software to your business needs. We also take care of your site hosting, SSL certificate, maintenance, software upgrades or additions, backups and server maintenance. And because we are based in South Africa, you get all this at a very affordable rate.

Image of a satisfied customer

Satisfy and retain your customers with accurate and credible self-service

Customers can check their specific pricing and stock levels, and then quickly place new or repeat orders, all via your e-commerce platform. They can then follow the process online right from order status through to delivery tracking. Easy access to their account information also allows them to check invoices, payments, refunds and order history. They get the same (and sometimes even an improved) user experience and quality of service and they have access to the system 24/7. And all with less time investment from your staff and at less cost to you.

Drive wider and deeper sales with our clever categorisation and exceptional search

When looking for new products, customers can easily find the information they need with our clever ‘at a glance’ categorisation and powerful search engine. They can also drill down from the overview of categories and products into detailed product information. Whichever search option they choose, they see their own customised pricing levels and any cross- or up-selling options you’ve set up.

Image showing increased AOV

Increase your Average Order Value

We carefully consider the user experience across devices, as well as the quality and design of the product information. Clean and simple navigation, together with our clever categorisation and exceptional search capability, guide customers seamlessly through the site.

Your AOV is driven further by displaying additional recommended items (up-selling or cross selling), along with online reviews and live chat integrations. You can also add helpful content in the form of detailed product specifications, manuals, ‘how to’ videos or blogs to support your customers in making their purchase.

Customer-specific discounts are automatically displayed as they order – driving even larger order values.

Attract new customers and enter new markets with our enterprise-level, open catalogue

Traditionally, B2B systems are closed – and so is ours by default. You can decide to open your catalogue to the public though, applying SEO principles to attract new customers to your website. Online reviews and live chat then become even more valuable.

Our catalogue can handle 100 000+ SKU’s. It’s beautifully designed and very effective at driving conversions.

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Free up your sales representatives to grow your customers’ companies and your own

Our B2B e-commerce system helps your customers become mostly self-sufficient. Your sales reps can then focus their time and effort on growing your business, as they support customers who are:

  • Branching out and needing assistance;

  • Branching out and needing assistance;

  • Showing signs of dissatisfaction or even of leaving your organisation.

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Lower costs through fewer errors, better stock holding and faster fulfillment

Implementing a B2B e-commerce system drives automation, especially when you also integrate it to your ERP and other systems. The results are less administration and fewer manual errors. Stock holding becomes more accurate as orders are immediately placed in the ERP system. Orders are also quickly processed and fulfilled – getting your products to your customer faster.

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Drive trust and credibility with access to real-time data

With everything housed in one place and fully integrated into your back-end system, all areas of your business have instant access to real-time data on your e-commerce website. From marketing, sales and customer service through to order fulfilment, logistics and supplier management, both your team and your customer have “one view”. There’s no more confusion, searching for information or duplication of data.

Give your B2B buyers a professional experience with a B2C influence

There is no doubt that the B2C and B2B buyer are very different. B2B buyers expect a sound B2B e-commerce experience, which adheres to internal processes and checks. On top of that, they now also expect a B2C experience, including:

  • Beautiful product images and descriptions with helpful content

  • Excellent search functionality

  • Online reviews

  • Mobile optimisation and apps

  • Shipping and payment options that suit them

  • Several channels to communicate with you, including live chat

  • Easy navigation and clear, effective Call to Action buttons

  • Quick order forms

  • The option to request custom quotes

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Customer comment

Our business is in the Automotive After Market industry. Comalytics’ B2B product takes accessibility to the next level. Our customers can now far easier search for the right parts and can see stock levels and customer-specific pricing.

– Kevin from Torre Parts

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