Adding a business-to-business (B2B) portal to your sales channels will provide you with a sure advantage over your competitors. Make the life of your sales representatives and your customers so much easier by providing them a 24/7 service, live inventory levels, detailed
products and delivery information and personal account and pricing details with your e-commerce website. All they need is an internet connection – why would they go elsewhere?

To keep things simple and up to date, consider integrating your website with your ERP system. This will keep your data accurate in one place and make your B2B e-commerce store easier to maintain. Being linked to your ERP system, we can then assist you to
calculate detailed sales statistics for each of your clients, provide you with order totals, revenue, profit percentages and more, helping you to make data driven decisions. Find out below how our B2B e-commerce solutions can help grow your business!

Wider and deeper sales

Whether they’re looking for new products or placing repeat orders, customers can easily find the information they need using our powerful search engine.

They can also drill down from the overview of categories and products into detailed product information, seeing their own customised pricing levels and any cross- or up-selling options you’ve set up.

More sales with less admin

Customers can check stock levels and quickly place their own new or repeat orders online via your e-commerce platform. They can also track the process online through easy access to their account information including order status, invoices, payments,
refunds, order history, delivery tracking and proof of delivery. They get the same, if not better, user experience and quality of service, available 24/7 and with a lower time investment from your staff and at less cost to you.

Make B2B simple

While many features like search engines, and product and customer information are the same, there’s no doubt that B2B is more complex than B2C. Make the smart choice of leveraging your existing internal processes and calculations with an ERP
integration, and managing products, prices and customers in real time suddenly becomes a lot simpler.

Fast access to real-time data

With everything housed in one place and fully integrated into your backend system, all areas of your business, from marketing, sales and customer service to order fulfilment, logistics and supplier management departments have instant access
to real-time data on your e-commerce website.

More sharply targeted marketing

Extract specific information from your B2B system to help you sell excess stock. Or use your marketing spend to reward online buying, or hold competitions for the most units bought. Rewarding your customers encourages them to spend more next
time round.

Powerful insights that help you grow

With the B2B management system, you’ll always know, in real time, exactly what is happening across your business – from suppliers through to customers. In short, you’ll be equipped to make better business decisions than ever before.

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Customer comment

Our business is in the Automotive After Market industry. Comalytics’ B2B product takes accessibility to the next level. Our customers can now far easier search for the right parts and can see stock levels and customer-specific pricing.

– Kevin from Torre Parts

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