Custom application development for your business

As your business grows, managing it becomes more complex. When manual processes are no longer viable, the next step is to invest in applications that increase efficiency. At this point, sometimes an out-the-box app can meet your needs. If your business has specific requirements though, and you want to scale outside the existing parameters of any given app, it often pays to custom develop your applications.

What is application development?

Applications help to automate the many different business tasks you need to perform on a regular basis. They can often be for your own internal use, or for the use of your clients or suppliers or a collaboration between entities in your business.

Application development examples include:

Forecasting monthly expenses and managing your cash flow

Managing tasks for and tracking your sales team

Tracking your inventory

Collaborating with and monitoring suppliers’ actions

Clients can manage their accounts and submit needed information

Scheduling orders and deliveries

Analysing your sales or KPI’s and creating sales reports or business reports

Shopping apps similar to our B2C app downloadable here

Augmented reality apps to test and then purchase products

To achieve this, we consult with you to identify your needs. Then we create a set of computer programmes to fulfil those requirements. These are rigorously tested before being implemented and/or integrated with the rest of your system.

Our RAD approach

Our RAD approach diagram

At Comalytics, we use a Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach. This allows us to incrementally develop several application modules at the same time, so we can deliver it to you that much faster.

Benefits of using our application development services

These are some of the many benefits of working with us to custom develop your applications:

Our applications are based in the cloud. So that you can conduct business from anywhere, anytime.

We have considerable experience with integrating applications to your e-commerce site and other systems. This means that all parts of your business are always on the same page (no more silos) and information is always up to date, no matter where you access it from.

Your entire team can focus on doing their jobs better. Everyone in your business, from your mobile sales team to warehousing, can trust the data they are working with, and access it wherever they happen to be.

Comalytics can develop any of the following types of applications for you:

1. Mobile applications

Enterprise mobility is the way of the future. Mobile apps allow you and your team to work from anywhere using a mobile device.

  • Almost 75% of large businesses increase their productivity with enterprise mobility.

  • Mobile devices can save your field staff an average of 240 hours a year.

Mobile applications also provide another channel to service your customers, providing them with accurate information, boosting their satisfaction and improving customer relationships.

At Comalytics, we create mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS platforms. They can operate independently or we can integrate them into your wider systems.

If you have an e-commerce business, you may want to explore our B2C mobile app

2. Database applications

There comes a point in any business’s growth when spreadsheets no longer cut it. In fact, continuing to use them can lead to costly errors and delays. Instead, invest in a database application to help you:

Application development examples include:

Collect and organise data

Use criteria to sort data

Organise data into tables

Manage the relationships between tables

Do complex calculations

Generate reports

Manage workflows

Set up custom roles to define who has access to specific data

Share information with your team

Our database apps work with user-friendly checkboxes and dropdowns. They are flexible and scalable, so they can be adapted as your business grows and changes. And as with all our apps, they are cloud-based so you can access them anywhere.

3. Business processes applications

As your business processes become more complex, automation and management is vital. You could implement an expensive Business Process Management System that you don’t really need and can’t afford. Or you could consider a set of work flow applications perfectly customised to your business. The right tools, implemented the right way, always increase your business performance.

Application development examples include:

Employee (or client) onboarding

Employee leave or sick leave requests

Employee travel requests and reimbursements

Account management for your sales force

Compliance management (e.g. suppliers or tenants or financial clients)

Project management, prioritisation and staff envolvement planning

Employee performance appraisals

Budget and or expense approvals

Customer complaint and feedback/resolution management

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